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OTA specializes in developing and placing on the air broadcast talent, producers and management in rewarding and high-profile careers.


"OTA has become one of the most respected talent agencies in TV." - FTVLive

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OTA is America's Largest TV News Agency for Broadcast Talent Development

As a leading broadcast talent recruitment agency, we identify our clients' strengths, coach them to excellence, and then create unsurpassed career opportunities for them.

  • Journalism Experience


    An award-winning journalist founded OTA Talent. Every member of our broadcast talent development team has decades of valuable journalism experience.

  • Nationwide Connections


    We are in constant contact with industry-leading journalists, news directors, general managers, corporate executives, networks and consultants. We often learn about positions before they are publicly posted.

  • Industry and Newsroom Knowledge

    Industry &
    Newsroom Knowledge

    We have decades of journalism and broadcast experience, along with journalist placement expertise. OTA fully understands what you do and how to maximize your value.

  • Strategic Planning and Results

    Strategic Planning
    & Results

    We have the contacts, expertise, and relentless work ethic to help you find the best position in the shortest amount of time. We provide comprehensive journalist representation services.

  • Responsive Team


    When you hire our talent management services, the team at OTA will keep you thoroughly updated on your search through regular phone conversations, prompt status updates, and e-mail reports. Our team is always accessible.

  • Negotiating Power


    OTA Talent will professionally and aggressively negotiate the best possible package with terms that will help you succeed in your new position.

Take Charge of Your Career

In your search for TV News Agent or journalist representation, choose the broadcast talent development firm that will guide you in successfully navigating our competitive industry. Find out how OTA Talent can help you discover your talents, maximize your potential, and forever change your career.

OTA Team

The OTA Talent team has centuries of award-winning journalism experience and journalist placement expertise. OTA develops industry-leading journalists and careers. We have the knowledge and background to lead our clients to success with our broadcast talent recruitment services! Our team members have won numerous Emmy, Edward R. Murrow, Peabody, and countless other awards and accolades for their anchoring, reporting, and strategizing. Now you can gain the advantage of working with the CONNECTED OTA Talent team, who has succeeded in, and truly understands your industry.


Jeff Marcu

CEO & Founder

(719) 388-9765
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Kimberly Price

Senior Vice President

(719) 963-9850
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Kenicia Cross

National Director/Agent

(619) 218-5391
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Natalie Davis

National Director/Agent

(320) 282-1939
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Gary McGrady

Broadcast Talent Agent

(301) 471-9806
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Lindsay Radford

Broadcast Talent Agent

(720) 215-9662
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Betty Sexton

Broadcast Talent Agent

(719) 964-5050
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Tara Mergener

Broadcast Talent Agent

(410) 212-1836
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Erika Lopez

Broadcast Talent Agent

(512) 983-3220
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Anna Lvin

Broadcast Talent Agent

(786) 200-2640
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Len Kiese

Broadcast Talent Agent

(410) 428-8839
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Stephenie Rogers Ratke

Broadcast Talent Agent

(303) 378-3128
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Brian Shlonsky

Broadcast Talent Agent

(502) 671-3896
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Frank Cipolla

Booking Agent

(719) 388-9765
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Stephanie Ross

New Media/Digital

(719) 388-9765
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Ernie Hernandez

Creative Strategy

(719) 388-9765
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When you work with OTA Talent

You have confidence knowing we continually coach our clients to ensure they are utilizing the most cutting edge skills in journalism and broadcasting.