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Giving You Direct Access to Highly-Coveted Career Opportunities

OTA Talent offers high-impact, results-driven representation from industry experts and insiders. We strategically advance our client's careers and provide access to opportunities that most people will never have the ability to access on their own.

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OTA Mission and Advantage

We strive to maximize our client's careers. By leveraging our connections, expertise, work ethic and decades of journalism experience, we will optimize your career and develop a focused strategy to ensure your success. We will capitalize on the opportunities and effectively demonstrate your value to potential employers.

OTA Expertise and Specialty

We have more than one century of combined experience in the industry, making us one of the most trusted firms in the industry. As specialists in developing and placing on the air talent, producers and management, we have the expertise and deep industry knowledge to help our clients develop rewarding and high-profile careers.

Jeff Marcu, our CEO, is a trained negotiator with certification from Harvard University.

Our team is comprised of award winning journalists who are veterans in the business, and have decades of valuable experience.

Strategic and Optimized

Strategic and Optimized

We provide ultra-personalized service—representing people, NOT quotas.

Client Focused

Client Focused

We don't have corporate meetings, assistants, or call screeners to make it tough for you to reach us.

Value of Commitment

The Value of Commitment

We invest our time in our clients and in building their substantial careers.

Experience Breeds Results

Experience Breeds Results

Having worked in newsrooms, we are experts at interpreting the market and ensuring our clients will succeed.

OTA Philosophy

Strategic and Optimized

We provide ultra-personalized service—representing people, NOT quotas.

OTA Talent will only sign you as a client if we truly believe we can help you and accelerate your career. We base this decision on your work, combined with what networks, news directors, general managers, and consultants tell us they need now and within the next year.

Once you become a client, OTA Talent’s priority will be to help you maximize your career goals. If you tell us you want to be an anchor/hard news reporter, we will not submit you for a feature multimedia journalist position. If you only want to live on the East Coast, we will not send your material to California. If you want to work in your home market, we will develop a strategic plan to accomplish that goal.

OTA Talent is always available to speak with you. We are also available by email and text, even on weekends.

Client Focused

We don't have corporate meetings, assistants, or call screeners to make it tough for you to reach us.

You will have one phone number that connects you directly to the agent who will help build your career.

OTA Talent will keep you thoroughly updated on your career search. We will talk frequently with you during the process. As soon as a hiring manager expresses interest in you or asks about your availability, we will call you to discuss and plan a strategy.

OTA Talent is focused on building a successful career for you.

The Value of Commitment

We invest our time in our clients and in building their substantial careers.

We spend all of our time developing relationships with our clients, networks, news directors, general managers, and consultants. This makes us successful at placing clients in rewarding and challenging careers.

OTA Talent stays involved even after we find you the perfect position. That’s when the real work begins of refining your skills to prepare you for a successful future. We think it is very important to continually review your work and find areas to make you more marketable.

Experience Breeds Results

Having worked in newsrooms, we are experts at interpreting the market and ensuring our clients will succeed.

We pride ourselves on helping develop our client’s skills. We will even help you with ideas on how to develop sources that provide powerful lead story ideas and share with you the places to look for stories that will lead to awards.

OTA Talent knows the media business. If you tell us about your “killer live shot and lead package that you cut into a VO/SOT for the morning show,” we know exactly what you mean. We understand when you say you have “a couple of HFR days this week to work on sweeps.”

When searching for a TV news agent, make sure you find the proper match with an agent who will transform your career in the immediate and long-term future.

Client Confidentiality

We Respect Client Confidentiality

OTA Talent does not publish our client roster.

At this time, OTA Talent does not publish our client roster or provide our client list. We respect our client's privacy and confidentiality and do not use our current clients as a marketing tool to attract new clients. If we ever find a reason why publishing our client roster will help build our client's careers (versus helping build our firm), we will then feature our clients on our website.

During client searches, OTA Talent launches a targeted and effective large-scale nationwide search that gets results. We utilize selective marketing tools and propriety search techniques to amplify the results we get for our clients. In addition to our extensive outbound search efforts, hiring managers consistently reach out to OTA Talent searching for talent. We often learn about positions before they are advertised.

Attention hiring managers: Please contact OTA Talent for a full list of our active clients’ searches.

OTA Talent Clients

The power and reach of a true nationwide agency.

As a successful TV news agency, OTA Talent clients proudly work and excel in top broadcasting and journalism positions throughout our industry. OTA Talent Agents implement an exclusive and targeted scouting program, constantly searching for the top TV news talent throughout the country and the world. We find the very best.

That's why stations and networks contact OTA Talent TV news agents when they want to find unique, high-quality talent for high-profile positions. Chances are no matter where you live, you will experience the powerful reach of OTA Talent clients.


A Premier Agency

Here's more about our background and the benefit of OTA Talent representation.

Q: What are the benefits of working with OTA Talent?

A:  There are many benefits to having an expert help you strategize and negotiate a successful media career in a very competitive industry.

Contacts:  We have excellent on-going relationships with networks, news directors, general managers and consultants.

Commitment:  We are devoted to placing you in a rewarding position.  You may not have the time or access to fully explore all of your employment opportunities on your own.

Negotiation:  Once a station extends an offer, this is one of the most critical times of the search.  We are expert negotiators who truly know the value of a position based on market size, network affiliation, company ownership, current economy and your experience level and talent.

Equality:  You want a level playing field when you negotiate salary and benefits.  Networks and stations have layers of local and corporate managers who are working on behalf of the best interests of the media outlet during the negotiation.  Who is representing you?

Coaching:  We coach our clients to maximize who they are and what they do.  We have tremendous success with upgrading our client's level of work to create exceptional career opportunities.  We also coach our clients through the interview process with potential employers to ensure our consistently high placement ratio.

A Selective Agency

Here's more about our our selection, operational and strategic processes.

Q: Do you sign everyone who is interested?

A:  No, we only sign clients we believe we can place in rewarding broadcasting and journalism positions.

Q: Do you charge any upfront fees?

A:  No, NEVER.  We will never charge you anything until we place you in a new position or negotiate a contract for you at your current station.

Q: How do you find open positions?

A:  In addition to scanning every posted listing as soon as they hit the internet, we often find out about new positions before stations even advertise them.  We do this by being in contact with networks, news directors, general managers and consultants.  We increase your chances of hiring managers seeing your reel when we e-mail your material to them before they advertise a position.

Q: How long does it take to find a new position?

A:  There are many factors that will influence the amount of time it takes us to find you the perfect position.  The best strategy is to utilize the relationships OTA Talent has developed, and continually get your best work in front of hiring managers.

Q: What are the hours at OTA Talent?

A:  We are always available to take our client's calls, and are in constant contact with networks and stations.  We understand media is a 24/7 business, so we are always accessible.  We understand there are times when you need to talk about what is happening right now.  OTA Talent is proud to place clients in rewarding careers, and to offer guidance during the challenging and rewarding times.  When our clients want to connect, we are always available.  When hiring managers want to connect about our clients, we are also always available.

Q: Does OTA Talent make reels for clients?

A:  Yes!  We will be directly involved with you to help select the material that best represents who you are as an on the air talent.  We will expertly craft the perfect reel for you that will maximize who you are and show potential employers why you are the very best!  We think it is important to involve our clients in the reel development process to create a masterpiece that will get results.

OTA Talent crafts industry leading resume reels.  We offer standard and premium reel packages.

Upgrade Your Career Now

Here's how to submit your material to OTA Talent.

Q: How do I learn more about signing with OTA Talent?

A:  We would love to review your material!  Please send us a link to your reel and a copy of your resume to Submissions@OTATalent.com. If we believe we can help develop your career, we will schedule a consultation with you.