Jeff Marcu CEO & Founder

Jeff is a leading national expert at building significant media and journalism careers. Hiring managers value and rely on Jeff's expertise and input on talent and hiring decisions.

Team Bio

CEO and TV News Agent Jeff Marcu brings his more than 30 years of media expertise to work for you.

Jeff offers a unique perspective as an agent because of his background as an Emmy and multiple Edward R. Murrow award-winning journalist and anchor.

Jeff has proven himself as a leading national marketing, negotiating and coaching expert. He is known for transforming his client’s careers. Jeff has made jumps as large as 170 markets for his clients. He has also doubled, tripled and even more than quadrupled his client’s salaries. Jeff gets results.

Jeff has the experience and connections of working in media outlets across the country.

Expertise & Experience

Deep industry roots mean a better understanding of what you do.

As an award-winning television anchor and investigative reporter, Jeff’s work prompted new legislation on the local, state and national levels.

This resulted in new laws that closed loopholes and created beneficial change. Jeff’s investigations exposed government waste and irresponsible use of taxpayer money.

As an award-winning radio host, Jeff worked in major markets like New York City, Los Angeles and Denver. He was also the host of a nationally syndicated radio program reaching hundreds of thousands of listeners.

Results-Driven Mentoring and Coaching

Jeff is a proven national leader in advancing his client’s lives and creating significant and powerful careers.

Jeff has developed proven techniques that have transformed his client’s careers and lives. He has developed a series of books that are the blueprint to the mentoring and coaching he provides his clients.

In 30 Days Past Average, Jeff shares the powerful but simple techniques he uses to help his clients achieve their dreams. It is Jeff’s playbook to success.

In 30 Days to a Raise, Jeff offers a high-impact step-by-step guide to increasing your take-home pay. Jeff has been instrumental in helping his clients improve their careers while increasing their salaries.

Connected Agents, Impactful Representation

High-impact, results-driven agents, specializing in maximizing talent marketability to create significant career opportunities.

Jeff saw a need for people to have representation from someone who truly understands what it takes to succeed in today’s competitive media industry.

Your interests are better represented with an agent who has media expertise.

Not only will Jeff team up with you to develop a plan for a successful career, he will also help you distinguish yourself as a newsroom leader who is able to break the big lead story on a regular basis.

Jeff is always available for his clients.

Extraordinary Service

Experience counts when advancing your career.

Jeff continually invests in his training and expertise to offer extraordinary world-class service to his clients.  Jeff has earned certificates in Negotiation and Entrepreneurship from Harvard Business School.

The OTA Difference

Building careers versus finding jobs.

There is a big difference between strategically building a career and just finding a job. The OTA Talent team develops meaningful and significant careers for our clients!


OTA Talent agents have a deep understanding of journalism. We know how to develop your talent and convey that value to hiring managers. That translates into substantial results!

Take Charge of Your Career

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