OTA Talent Sets Record Growth in 2020

OTA Talent, a premier TV News Talent Agency, had unprecedented growth in 2020. OTA Talent’s National Agent Team rapidly responded to broadcast industry changes during the pandemic to directly benefit the firm’s clients. OTA is engineered from the ground up to be the TV News Agency of today and the future.

OTA Talent is the fastest growing TV News Agency in America.

“We did not view the pandemic as an excuse for our clients to fail, but a reason for our clients to succeed,” explained OTA Talent CEO Jeff Marcu. “The hiring rules quickly changed when the pandemic hit in early 2020, so we instantly reinvented the way we market and place our industry-leading clients,” Marcu added.

These strategy and infrastructure enhancements lead to the biggest growth year ever for OTA Talent:

1) Highest number of client placements in one year.

2) Most new clients joining OTA in one year.

3) Biggest negotiations for OTA clients.

4) Record number of new national agents joining OTA.

5) Unmatched resources available to OTA team to advance client careers.

OTA Talent continues to lead the industry with personalized one-on-one client attention and one of the lowest agent-to-client ratios in the nation. The agency employs some of the top TV News Agents in the country, with expertise in news, weather, producing and management. Many OTA team members have extensive and valuable network experience.

OTA has built infrastructure that has propelled the agency to scale nationally, while maintaining meticulous quality that allows the firm to maintain its standing as America’s fastest growing TV News Agency. This infrastructure enabled OTA to place clients in significant career opportunities within a seven-day search period during the pandemic. OTA repeatedly garnered multiple employment offers for clients during a time of change in our industry.

Emphasizing a disciplined but aggressive management style, Marcu, along with OTA Talent Vice President Kimberly Price immediately understood that the agency had to instantly implement a new style of agenting when the pandemic hit.

“We quickly found new ways to keep our clients in front of hiring managers and move the process along quickly. This allowed us to place many clients in positions not yet advertised. We understood the challenges stations faced during the pandemic and adapted to changes in hiring practices that ultimately benefited our clients,” Price said.

OTA owns all of its infrastructure and performs all client and creative services in-house, so the agency has full control and can act swiftly to benefit its clients in times of change. OTA does not rely on assistants or outside resources to serve clients. This allows the agency to maintain ultra-high standards without compromise. OTA is forecasting another record growth year in 2021, delivering record-setting years every year the agency has been in business.

About OTA Talent

OTA Talent is the fastest growing TV News Agency in America. OTA represents top news talent across America and has built significant careers in an ultra-competitive industry. OTA specializes in identifying client strengths, coaching them to excellence, then creating unsurpassed career opportunities for them. The industry’s go-to website FTVLive.com wrote, “OTA has become one of the most respected talent agencies in TV.” For more information, visit OTAtalent.com.