Casey Clark Enterprise Content Specialist

For more than 25 years, Casey Clark's passion for investigative and enterprise journalism has fueled the success of journalists and TV stations around the country.

Team Bio

Casey Clark puts his more than 25 years of award-winning experience as a news director, news manager and investigator to work for you.

Casey is one of the many competitive resources and advantages OTA Talent offers our clients.

Casey is always looking for the next great investigation.  From unmasking cocaine trafficking by executives of a nonprofit hospital to shutting down a dangerous nuclear power plant, Casey’s unique perspective exposed critical local problems.  He believes you drive past 50 great stories every day.  You just need to learn how to see them.  His Enterprise Content Model will show you how!

As a result, Casey has earned a reputation as a leader who gets results quickly.  The industry has recognized him and his teams with dozens of Emmys, Murrows (regional and National), a Peabody and more than 50 other local an regional awards.

Curious about the future of digital communications, Casey enrolled in the Master’s Degree program at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School.  He earned his Master’s of Communications Management in 2017 focusing on quantitative and qualitative analysis of evolving information channels.

Expertise & Experience

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OTA Talent team members have a deep understanding of journalism. We know how to develop your talent and convey that value to hiring managers. That translates into substantial results!

Casey brings his wealth of experience to work for you, helping you build a significant and meaningful career in the ever-changing television news industry.

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Casey Clark

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